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Fitness Tips

Most people want to know how much should they exercise and for how long, to reach the desired goals they want to achieve.
This is how to plan your fitness program weekly:
Your fitness program consists of three very important components namely intensity, duration and amount of days. We will discuss each components to help you be more efficient in reaching your fitness goals.

Amount of days: The amount of times you train a week.
Once a week - You might as well leave it altogether
Twice a week - You get a slight benefit
Three days a week - Beneficial, you will increase your fitness level and strength.
Four days a week - Slightly better than three times a week ,not a big difference
Five days a week -Huge benefit
Six days a week -Slightly better than five times a week MAXIMUM training days

Duration: amount of time spent training in one session
It is recommended that you should not train shorter than 30min and no longer than 2hour.

Intensity: The level of exertion whilst you are training
It is important to know your theoretical maximum heart rate (TMHR) – this is the greatest number of times your heart beats in one minute and becomes the starting point for determining your theoretical fitness training zones. The equation 207 – (0.7x Age) should be used to find the TMHR of these with a healthy heart history.

Once you know your TMHR, you can determine your ideal training zone. If you’re a beginning exerciser, try to work at about 50 to 60 percent of your TMHR. A moderately fit person should aim for 60 to 70 percent and an advanced exerciser should shoot for 70 to 85 percent.
When you have determined you training zone, this will be your average that you need to maintain throughout the whole training session.

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